Impacts of Untreated wastewater in Palestine
Impact of untreated wastewater on natural water bodies: Integrated risk assessment


The scientific objectives of the project were:

  • To identify and quantify sources of selected micro-pollutants in the water system.
  • To characterize dominant groundwater recharge processes (incl. space-time variability), and to assess risks for pollution.
  • To determine the dominant hydro-chemical processes controlling the fate and transport of the contaminants and the potential of polluting the unsaturated zone and the groundwater system.
  • To identify principal/dominant flow pathways/systems and to set up water and mass balances for these systems.
  • To develop of a coupled hydraulic/water quality model of the wadi’s to simulate contaminant fluxes along them.
  • To evaluate health risks emanating from contaminations of (partly) treated wastewater.


The capacity building and development objectives were:

  • Strengthen the collaboration and exchange between Palestinian Universities and Public Institutions
  • Build capacity in Palestinian institutions and train researchers to develop new skills their professional working fields